A picture of Venice

Venice is one of the most romantic city I have seen, maybe more so then Paris. Knowing the history of the place, it was apparently slightly raunchier then Paris in it’s day, if you can believe it. It is the city that brought us Casanova. It was also the original ‘red light district’ (not officially of course). Prostitutes in 15th Century Venice were obliged to go around topless all day. A bit over the top I think!

Wondering the streets of Venice, along the canals and through the winding alley ways one can get a sense of how exciting and romantic the city once was. One can imagine clandestine couples meeting in Gondolas for their ‘sexual meetings,’ as a local put it. The gondolas where partly covered in the past, so when the gentry met for a romantic get together, they would have to use many different karma sutra contortions in order not to be seen. Apparently the whole city was full of seductive women and lust full men!

Aside from the interesting history, it is a beautiful city which I attempted to capture by camera.

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