Alabama Culture Shock

It’s a different world down there. It’s almost incomprehensible that Alabama is part of the same country that brought us Hugh Hefner, Kim Kardashian and Sex and the City. One town we drove through was named Opelika Alabama – which according to our friends meant big swamp. There are American flags adorning every house and rocking chairs on every porch. Everyone has a gun and a bible. And, everyone talks with a deeeeep sloooow southeerrrn draaaawl. I love it!

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Los Angeles: The Crazy Reality.


Los Angeles. It really is just as ridiculous as you could imagine. Here is a little window into the crazy reality that was my LA trip (in list form):

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New York City- The most familiar place on earth

New York City is one of the most familiar places you will ever visit. Anyone who is plugged into today’s modern pop culture will feel right at home as soon as they arrive in this famous city. TV shows like ‘Sex and the City’ and movies like ‘You’ve got Mail’ have immersed me so completely in the New York environment that every street name was familiar to me. Bells where ringing for me all over the city.

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