A picture of Venice

Venice is one of the most romantic city I have seen, maybe more so then Paris. Knowing the history of the place, it was apparently slightly raunchier then Paris in it’s day, if you can believe it. It is the city that brought us Casanova. It was also the original ‘red light district’ (not officially of course). Prostitutes in 15th Century Venice were obliged to go around topless all day. A bit over the top I think!

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Why you MUST go to Copenhagen!


Many people overlook Denmark when they plan their Europe adventure. But honestly, you MUST go to Copenhagen whenever you get the chance. In a small collection of Islands, the lowest region of Scandinavia, you can find a lot of beauty. Denmark is a wonderful country to visit, for many reasons, but you may find that you leave your heart in Copenhagen! No matter what time of year, this city will always remain magnificent. It is a country that embraces every season.

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