Why you MUST go to Copenhagen!


Many people overlook Denmark when they plan their Europe adventure. But honestly, you MUST go to Copenhagen whenever you get the chance. In a small collection of Islands, the lowest region of Scandinavia, you can find a lot of beauty. Denmark is a wonderful country to visit, for many reasons, but you may find that you leave your heart in Copenhagen! No matter what time of year, this city will always remain magnificent. It is a country that embraces every season.


Winter is a magical. The evenings are filled with hot chocolate and home baked bread. Days spent with icy sled rides and always dressed in funkiest winter fashion! Winter is the best time of year to experience the ‘hygge’ of Denmark.

Summer dk

Summer is for the beaches, crowded water fronts, escapes to summer houses and long evenings spent outside. As soon as summer hits the cafes spill out onto the streets. Nyhavn becomes a hub for both tourists and locals to get together after a long day for a meal or to simply enjoy a beer by the water. A trip to Tivoli gardens has to be high on your to do list in the summer. This theme park is the second oldest running theme-park in the world and is an iconic part of the city.


Autumn is a great time to experience the changing landscape of warm golden colours. As the weather gets cooler you can take the time to visit the museums and galleries.  Go for a walk to see the little mermaid, or run up the Rundetaarn (Round Tower) for a breathtaking view of the entire city. It’s also a great time to take a canal tour and get a feel for the city by water.


One of my most cherished memories of Copenhagen happened in the spring time; Sitting in the grass at the palace gardens, ice cream in hand, the sun kissing my face, while groups pulling out blankets, hammocks, even tightropes! People flock to spend the day basking in the glory of the new season.


Of course no travel experience would be complete without trying the local food. You may have tried a Danish pastry at your local bakery, but nothing compares to the real deal. The highlight of my week is always waking up to the smell of coffee and fresh pastry. Who cares about your waistline when something tastes THAT good? And while you’re strolling around town, you HAVE to stop at a hotdog stand. I know New York seems to have mastered the street side hotdog. But this is on another level and eating just one is never enough.


Another highlight is without a doubt the architecture. Denmark is famous for modern design, but its historical buildings are also some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Everywhere you go you can’t help but be surrounded by beautiful, enchanting homes and buildings. You can’t miss out on seeing Nyhavn with its colourful buildings and picturesque harbor.

The Danes are exceptionally good at respecting and appreciating their environment. Cars are almost a novelty as most commute to work on bike. No matter what the weather, the citizens of Copenhagen brave the dangerously vicious winds and slippery roads to get to their destination, by bike.

Scattered masses of discarded bikes can be found where ever you are. In some areas there are too many bikes for one designated area. I have witnessed bikes being thrown unceremoniously to the ground or atop other bikes. I am confronted with contorted tangles of metal everywhere I go. It’s a wonder anyone can even discern which bike is theirs at the end of the day.

If you want to fall in love with a new city, Copenhagen is the place for you. Not only do they have a beautiful environment, but they cherish it in so many ways. We could all learn a little something from this small country.

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