Dar es Salaam

Ask anyone about Dar es Salaam and even Tanzanians will tell you that it’s the capital of Tanzania. That’s because, although it’s not the capital, it’s the center of everything when it comes to culture and technology. Although Dodoma is the capital of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam is the commercial capital!

Dar es Salaam has so much going on! Everyone is busy doing their own thing; no one stops to yell at you for being foreign. It’s much easier to blend in and get around than it is in many other cities in Tanzania. There is a never ending list of places to stay when you reach the city. There are plenty of hostels and if you want something a little nicer you can get a room for 50,000tsh which will be air-conditioned (trust me you will need it) and includes breakfast! (see Cate Hotel and Tropical Hotel in Kariakoo for instance. The area is a little rough but close enough to the city center).

There is also a never end variety of places to dine and places to just ‘hang out’. There are some really nice spots on the water front where you can sit and have an ice-cream. Also plenty of bars where you can have a beer and watch the world around you.For some place a little bit fancy try Cape Town Fish Market. Located in Masaki, it’s al ittle pricey but it’s a beautiful place to have a drink by the beach.

There is plenty to do here: shopping, site seeing, eating and partying! For some more travel tips from a girl always on a tight budget, check out my hints on Travelicious World. Click here to read the article.

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