Los Angeles: The Crazy Reality.


Los Angeles. It really is just as ridiculous as you could imagine. Here is a little window into the crazy reality that was my LA trip (in list form):


hollyIt’s a time honored classic; the story of the young, beautiful (or not so beautiful) country kid, moving to the big smoke to make their dreams come true. Turns out it’s a common rhetoric for a reason! I found myself surrounded by bubbly, energetic individuals, chock full of crazy talent and fabulous enthusiasm. One morning I was chatting to one of my fellow hostel inhabitant in the common area about their plans to pursue a career in musical theatre. I told him he should try and merge musical theatre and hip hop music together, to which he responds by attempting just that! Moments later a man at the other end of the room joins in with yet another fabulous singing voice. Then the girl next to me gets up and starts dancing. In no time at all I found myself in the midst of a hostel musical! Had I finally achieved a life goal in reliving a scene from Fame? I think so! As well as these people I met a comedian, a dancer, an exotic dancer, a few models, a poker player, a special effects animator and of course myriad singers, rappers and actors! There is definitely an inspiring bunch of people to be found in LA.


Exhausting. Exhilarating. Confusing. Blurry. Fabulous. Just a few words that I feel are synonymous with the LA lifestyle. From the get go we where whisked off on tours, party limos, clubs, bars, more clubs, apartments full of alcohol…and more clubs. Never ending. GO GO GO. Hidden dance floors, VIP booths, tables to dance on, Celebrities to spot, drugs to ingest. How the LA locals get through their week in one piece is beyond me. Two days into our trip and I found myself lying in my bunk at 12pm telling my room mates to “stop looking at me!”, “No I don’t wan’t to hear about your new computer game!” and “No I don’t want to try the butter beer you just bought from the Harry Potter shop”… Seriously, the day I reject a Harry Potter experience, something is very wrong!


One of the most magnificent aspects of the LA culture is the music. Hip hop and R&B is what it is all about. From clothing stores to restaurants, every establishment had their doors flung open, filling the streets with old school beats. I LOVED it. No more indie alternative tunes that don’t make you want to shake your thang! For me that genre should be reserved for studying or relaxing at home. Give me Missy Elliot over London Grammar any day!

The Crazy

crazyMy favorite spot in all of Los Angeles has to be Venice Beach! What more could want then a spot by the water where you can sit and people watch all day. You hear about the hippies, the druggies and the mentally rattled that like to hang out on the Venice boardwalk, but I had never expected to meet so many vibrant characters in one place! The very onset of our adventure from Santa Monica Pier set the bar quite high as we where accosted by a bulking figure of a man (whom we later dubbed Tyrone) who insisted that we hold his snakes. No this was not a creepy euphemism, he literally had two ginormous pythons wrapped around his neck! So of course we got amongst it and posed with the two snakes slowly wrapping themselves around our shaking frames. After Tyrone we met some Puerto Rican men working the T-shirt store who were keep to smoke some weed and take us out on a boat…as you do; a man with half a beard and a sign displaying his bank balance; A man offering to let anyone kick him in the balls ten bucks; A young man offering us each a flower because ‘we had good vibes’; and groups of dread-locked, henna-drenched people jamming out to their own percussive rhythms!

Over all LA was an explosion of adventure and excitement. I loved every minute of it, but could I go back?

Well, I’ll have to see if mind every truly recovers before I make that decision!

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