New York City- The most familiar place on earth

New York City is one of the most familiar places you will ever visit. Anyone who is plugged into today’s modern pop culture will feel right at home as soon as they arrive in this famous city. TV shows like ‘Sex and the City’ and movies like ‘You’ve got Mail’ have immersed me so completely in the New York environment that every street name was familiar to me. Bells where ringing for me all over the city.

img_2468Shops like Tiffany’s and Macy’s; Buildings like the Chrysler building and the Statue of
Liberty; Places like Manhattan and Brooklyn…Every one of these things are on the must see list of any New York City tourist. And yet, whether I was stood at the foot of the flat iron building or looking out over the gorgeous city lights from the heights of the empire state building, it felt as though I had already been transported there years ago by Blair Waldorf and Annie Reed. It was an enjoyable yet strange experience.

There is a huge sense of excitement in Times Square, incomparable with any other city. Every tall building (and there are a lot of them!) looks important; and the Starbucks clenching, briefcase holding people bustling in and out of them seem just as important.

img_2416Something is always going on in Time Square, and you can’t help but feel the need to be a part of it! An epic group of yoga-ists commandeered a chunk of the space. A sea of colourful yoga outfits with their yoga mats. I felt torn between the compulsion to join in and the thought that there was no way I could bend and stretch in front of so many people, my uncoordination displayed in its tragic glory for everyone to judge! Although I’m sure no one was judging them…how could they when most of us were
walking past, searching for the nearest place to sit down.

I loved every minute of my New York City trip, it’s one of those things I have always wanted to experience. It really feels like it’s the center of the world, which until now I was determined not to believe.

When travelling to New York you absolutely must:
  • A walk in central park – Ice-skating in central park if it’s that time of year!
  • Pizza for $2 a slice – there are myriad hole in the wall shops that sell amazingly cheesy pizza!
  • The Mean Fiddler – most places to party are actually located outside the busy city center. This however is a local bar in the heart of time square that is always alive and kicking! However, if you need more variety head to Brooklyn for the night life!
  • Go to the top of one of the buildings, doesn’t matter which one!
  • Plan an activity that mirrors your hobby – you like to dance? Hot-yoga? Cook? Odds are there is an amazing class open to walk-ins somewhere in this huge city. For instance, Broadway Dance Centre allows anyone to sign up for a class!
  • Pretend to be a local – spend a day without doing touristy things. Just sit in a café or read a book in the park!

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