Packing hacks for your carry on luggage.

Aside from the obvious items like music, books, snacks and lip balm, there are a few items I have learnt to always include in my carry on to ensure that I have a smooth journey. Here are the top 5 things on my packing list:

  1. Keep a pen where you keep your passport and boarding pass. This will save you from having to wait in a line or awkwardly ask your neighboring passengers for a pen so that you can fill out your immigration forms on arrival.
  2. Zertec (anti-histamine) and nasal spray. If you have irritable sinuses like me, these will be a life saver! No more horrible pressure headaches as you land. Just take one pill before you take off and use the spray just before you start your decent.
  3. Facial cleansing wipes. On long journeys you can guarantee you will start feeling a bit gross after the first 8 hours. Not all airports have easily available showers and sometimes your stop over just isn’t long enough to freshen up properly. Use a face wipe not only on your face but your whole body! Add some deodorant after that and you will be feeling good as new.
  4. Bring a spare t-shirt. Again, after a long hall flight it’s great to be able to slip into something fresh after you ‘facial wipe shower’, especially if you still have a long journey ahead of you! An extra pair of underwear is also a good idea.
  5. Common currency. A lot of big airports accept most currency or take card. However, sometimes you might find yourself in a tiny airport and you’re dying for a snack. It’s always useful to have some USD in your wallet just in case. And, if you can remember to get the cash before you get to the airport, you might save yourself the crazy costs that Bearu de Change’s at airports often charge.


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