Packing hacks for check in luggage

There are two types of people in this world. The Folders and The Rollers. Here is a little bit of advice for those packing for a big journey.

Now keep in mind I’m talking about the start of the journey. We all know that by the end of it we all turn into Scrunchers. I used to be a folder, I would easily spend a whole day making neat piles of clothes in my suitcase and then trying to fit in my shoes, bags and toiletries…and where do all of my socks go? But I have recently found that the secret to quick and easy packing is to roll everything. This technique requires little to no effort, everything fits no matter what order you add them to the luggage. You can put your toilet bag and shoes on the bottom, pile up the rolled clothes around them, and then lay that final big jacket on top.

Hot tip:

roll up your socks and undies and put them inside the shoes you pack. This is a good way to save space and also prevents your boots from getting squashed and losing their shape.

Second hot tip:

You know how airlines ask you to put your liquids in a sealed plastic bag? Well, you should do the same for the liquids in your luggage. The pressure caused by the high altitude sometimes causes bottles and containers to explode. This will prevent you from arriving at your destination and finding that all of your belongings drenched in shampoo!

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