Safari Selfie

In true Africa tourism style I went on SAFARI. Safari is Swahili for journey so one will often hear people wishing you ‘safari njema’ (good journey) when you mention you going somewhere new. But when a Mzungu says ‘I am going on safari’ that can only mean one thing: Four days of early mornings, Serengeti massages (the roads are hella bumpy) and lots and lots of elephants! The four days where all incredible however there are a few moments which where breath taking, unbelievable and just down right unforgettable.

selfieDriving through high altitude forest area’s between Ngorongoro and Serengeti we spotted a jumble of giraffes poking out of the green, grazing from the tall trees. It was such a calm area and seeing these animal’s yellow on green was beautifully unexpected.

The night sky during our last night was unbelievable. Our campsite was high up on the edges of the Ngorogoro crater. As the clouds cleared we all looked up in silent wonder that there could be so much light in the sky at night.

After the coldest, windiest night spent in fear of being trampled by wildlife we awoke to find ourselves sitting in the clouds. The odd surroundings made waking up at 5am bearable.

That same morning we where joined for breakfast by an elephant. Because it’s Africa so why not. Feet from a massive elephant, we watched as it guzzled from the campsites water tank. Completely unfazed by the onlookers. Definitely a unique sight to see stumbling out of bed.

Watching a large pride of lions, youngens in toe, attempted to take down two water buffalo was the most exciting moment of the safari. Watching them slowly branch out into formation; They where terrifying!

Although nothing beats the excitement of seeing your first lion, first elephant, first ANYTHING, It was the moments in between that made the safari an adventure.

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