So, this is me.



Hello! I’m Olivia, but people call me Liv. A journalism and international relations graduate who recently ran away to Africa. I’ve now found myself working for an NGO in Arusha, Tanzania. As such, I doubt my life will ever be dull! I am passionate about art, dance, photography, books and travel!

I have been a traveler since birth, having experienced living in 5 different countries by the time I turned 13. Now I live in Tanzania. I have spent extensive time in the UK, Denmark and Australia but I have also traveled to many other countries in Europe and Asia. So, although this blog will be a mash up of different locations at no particular order, my main focus currently is traveling within Africa – which I hope to do much of in the coming months.

This blog

I’ve often found that travel stories lack good tips and ideas that don’t require advanced planning and large savings. Here I am working to offer real life travel stories and great ideas of this to do and places to see that anyone can do no matter what their budget or if they are planning a trip on a last minute whim. This blog is new but I hope it will grow quickly!

If you have any questions or would like me to write about something specific please feel free to contact me! Feedback is also much appreciated: want more photos? Need more ideas of where to eat? Tell me and I will do my best to fix it.