New Shelui Tanzania

The road to mwanza

On the long bus ride from Arusha to Mwanza I took some quick snaps of the changing surroundings that whizzed by me. I was fascinated by the changes and all the different people we saw along the way. Here is a bus journey photo essay:

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safari selfie

Safari Selfie

In true Africa tourism style I went on SAFARI. Safari is Swahili for journey so one will often hear people wishing you ‘safari njema’ (good journey) when you mention you going somewhere new. But when a Mzungu says ‘I am going on safari’ that can only mean one thing: Four days of early mornings, Serengeti massages (the roads are hella bumpy) and lots and lots of elephants! The four days where all incredible however there are a few moments which where breath taking, unbelievable and just down right unforgettable.

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Lake Chala

Camping at Lake Chala

I have found that my favourite weekends away are not usually the ones spent in glittering cities and fancy hotels. My favourite memories begin with a long car journey and end with me gazing at the stars. For the Easter long weekend, some friends and I packed up a car and drove from Arusha, through Moshi to Lake Chala!

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